Many people want to know more about us, and we want to make sure you know who we are. Here’s what you can expect from our taproom and brewery in Phoenix:

What’s our relationship to Borderlands Brewing in Tucson?:

We’ve been close friends with the owners of Borderlands Tucson for years, and decided to enter into a partnership with them to help increase their footprint in Phoenix, assist in growing their brand with a physical location in the Valley, and brew our own small batch and experimental beers under the Public House name on our in-house system.

My favorite beer is brewed in Tucson, will you be brewing it in Phoenix too?

Borderlands Tucson recently expanded into a large warehouse location to increase their production capabilities, so we will not be brewing any of their year round or seasonal beers at our brewery. We will be brewing small batch and experimental beer at our on-site brewery, and depending on the feedback, we may brew them on a larger scale in Tucson before we increase the size of our brewing system in Phoenix.

Will you distribute my favorite Borderlands Tucson beer?

There are multiple beers from Borderlands Tucson that are already in distribution throughout the Valley (Citrana, Noche Dulce, etc.) in cans and kegs. We will be serving all of the year round and seasonal Borderlands beers – including the VERY limited release cans/kegs – at our taproom. If you’re looking for some of the freshest Borderlands beer from Tucson, our taproom will be the place to get it!

Will my new favorite beer in Phoenix be served in Tucson as well?

Yes! – Through our partnership with Borderlands Tucson, we will be supplying each other with anything we brew to make sure that you get a consistent line up of Phoenix and Tucson beers at both taproom locations.